Headquartered in Belgium, we help industrial customers to devise, implement, embed, and maintain their asset health strategies and provide support as they transition to Maintenance 4.0. We help them collect, organize, and analyze data worldwide in order to optimize industrial efficiency.
Our mission

Collect, organize & analyze data worldwide in order to optimize industrial efficiency. We partner with our customers and help them establish a new standard of excellence for predictive maintenance, reliability, and process optimization.

Our promise

We maintain long-term relationships based on mutual respect and by delivering strong results that make an impact others’ lives. We think with and alongside our customers to help them solve the toughest challenges they face in today’s environment.




Regional Reliability Engineering Consultant - Georgia

I-Care Reliability is seeking a Reliability Engineer consultant for a project in GA.

Studies show that as much as 95% of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) or Life Cycle
Cost (LCC) of an asset is determined in its engineering phase. This reveals the need for
the Reliability Engineer to be involved in the design and installation stages of projects for
new assets and modification of existing assets.
What we at I-care recognize is that being in a reliability engineer (RE) position can be
one of the most exciting and most rewarding jobs in industry. Unfortunately, some
organizations may struggle when it comes to clearly identifying and communicating the
actual job responsibilities for such a position. While you, as an I-care RE, may find
yourself in this situation, remember that it presents you with a tremendous
opportunity—you can help “define” the role of a reliability engineer for your company.
Once you see the possibilities, you’ll probably become one of the busiest people in your
operations, and you’ll love every minute of it!

What are your core responsibilities at I-care?

- Analyzing and evaluating maintenance activities and production loss at our
-  Analyzing and implementing improvement measures in manufacturing
organizations in order to improve the reliability of their assets, reduce cost and
increase production capabilities
- Advising and coaching Maintenance Managers, Maintenance Engineers,
Reliability Engineers and all other stakeholders in the Asset management process
of our customers
-  Using the standard toolbox of a RE including FMECA, RCFA and PME/PMO
- Identifying and actively communicating about opportunities both for our customers
and I-care
- Using business case thinking to find pragmatic solutions for our customers

For consideration please apply or submit your resume to chris.lloyd@icareweb.com 

Your application will be evaluated by the HR department of I-care Group itself. For any additional feedback regarding your application, we kindly refer you to the I-care Group HR department.


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